Autumn 2015


From the Minister

Fall seems to kick-start new beginnings’ activities while giving us contemplative time as the days grow shorter. Leaves fall.  We are left with the stark outlines of what was strong and vibrant in summer, while hope incubates through the season…  Another of the plethora of never-ending gifts God bestows on us…
Tau:Brown ToneBeing our Feast, below you will find many reflections on our Franciscan spirituality by fraternity brothers and sisters about conversion, providing hope, the “life”, trying to keep peace in our hearts and not transmitting our pain on to a world in need of God’s love and compassion and call.
May the All Powerful Good God be with you all.

allsaintspumpkinsLord Hear Our Prayer
for fruitful reception of Pope Francis in the USA
for all our Families
for Tom Bello
for Bob Fitzsimmons
for Bill and Sue Ballinger
for Carol Pyle
For Blessings on Glenn & Gloria Ray who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary
for Refugees and the Detained
for a fruitful SOA Vigil in November
for Greater Stewardship of All Creation
for an End to Violence around the world
for the Unborn
to be good hearers and do-ers of the Word
for Franciscans everywhere to be leaven

St. Francis by Seth Fitts


A reflection submitted by John Goold, OFS

With another anniversary of 9/11 and all of the tragedy, pain and violence that came with it, I thought this was something beautiful to remember …

Francis and the Musliims on Prayer
Francis journeyed to Egypt expecting to find martyrdom and evil men who needed to be converted to Christianity in order to be saved from hell and damnation.  And yet he left Egypt respectful of Muslims to the point that he encouraged Christians to emulate them in francis and the sultanprayer and prostration, and to join Muslims and others in service to all people despite their different religions.  In his writings, Francis specifically instructed his followers not to try and convert Muslims or other non-Christians.  Having experienced Muslim prayers while in Egypt he declared to his followers that: “You should manifest such honour to the Lord among the people entrusted to you that every evening an announcement be made by a town crier or some other signal that praise and thanks may be given by all people to the all-poweful Lord God.”  And at the mention of His name you must adore Him with fear and reverence, prostrate on the ground so that in word and deed you may give witness to his voice and bring everyone to know that there is no one who is all-powerful but Him.”

Regis J. Armstrong, J.A. Wayne Hellmann and William J. Short, editors, “Later Admonition and Exhortation,” in Francis of Assisi, Early Documents

washing feetTo me being a Franciscan means that I am more able to keep myself grounded and focused on what really matters in life – not just existing to have more or to do more, but to be there for others when they need me and give back to God for all my blessings.  As Francis said, “Up to now, I have done nothing.”  We can never do enough for God.
Joanne Kraan, OFS

I am just musing about things here.

I feel patience with others is easier at this age.  Everyone has their struggles and no one is perfect. 

To accept people I sometimes say, “Live and let live,” which is “Gospel to life and life to Gospel.” – The greatest commandment:  Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Once when I was younger at an age of more ego, I remember observing and then commenting about someone and my mother answered, “We’re all funny.”

Now, observing the clientele at St. Vincent’s soup kitchen my comment is – just like all of us, they are seeking community, and needs to be met.  I notice that they express appreciation more than I see around otherwise.  They are not perfect and they are “funny”.

We have Vocation.  We try to do a little more.  Francis said, “Let us begin, for up to now we have done nothing.”

I just saw an old article on Ecumenism in the TAU on these very words of Francis.  It offered – we cannot sit back on our laurels.  Daily, even moment-to-moment we have to say, “YES” to the Spirit.

My ego is shot down again.  Dusting off.

Patricia Mihalic Doyle, OFS


francis with dogI am glad to be a Franciscan because St. Francis loves God, animals, people and all God’s creatures and so do I.  His is such a great example for us to try to follow.
Cecelia Rayburn, OFS


Gloria and I were children in times when people were close and more aware of their neighbor’s needs and problems.  It made us always willing to help.  It seemed natural for us to follow in that way.  When we were married and moved to Blue Lake, CA we were asked by our local priest to serve with a group that was just forming a “halfway house” for local prison parolees.  At that time Gloria served as night-time telephone help. Therefore it was natural for us to follow in that manner.
We were then led to our “Franciscan experiences”.  We met the Marlia family at which time Roy and Betty Marlia were long-time Franciscans! and wanted to start a Franciscan fraternity here in So. Oregon.  While studying for this we went to Mexico for vacation.  We met a couple that gave us the address of an orphanage there.  We contacted the Franciscan Director and that started our “life’s work” as Franciscans!
Glenn and Gloria Ray, OFSIt has been a great joy following in the footsteps of our Brother Francis and has given us a simple and useful way of life.
Glenn and Gloria Ray, OFS

St. Francis, Please give us the graces to be faithful to our Lord.  Grant us also the graces to walk in your footsteps on the way to heaven by way of the cross.
Blanche Richman, OFSst-francis_kay-berger

I have learned in my own life that to be in sin is to be unhealthily enclosed upon oneself – too attached to one’s own feelings, and so in wrong relationship to others.  Through being “up against the wall” of my own attachments to self image, my agenda, wants and “needs”, I have begun to learn detachment from immediate feelings in order to be more present to, and for, others.  I will always be a beginner, but as with all journeys of grace, we can become living prayers when we are open to grace.  Francis showed us.
francis and the leper3Kissing the leper.  That was Francis’ transformative experience outside of himself. Recently I have had such a similar experience and am so glad to have Francis, in imitating our Lord, as a model….

As a caregiver I was sent to a hospice patient named Cindy.  She had a broken hip, a colostomy bag, colorectal cancer with a 7cm deep and 9cm wide wound on her backside and many cancerous lesions in her groin area.  Her wounds oozed with blood and other secretions.  I wanted to wretch just laundering the soiled linen and honestly did not know if I could handle the situation.  I knew I did not want her to see my repulsion; she was not repulsive.  All that I can say is that God in good time gave me the grace, and like Francis, caring for this woman has become sweetness for me.  Cindy was given two weeks to live at the beginning of July and yet I am caring for her still.  She loves her family, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, Good and Plenty candy, and grilled onion burgers.  Her wish is to get to the coast one last time to smell the ocean air and hear the waves.  We are trying to make this happen.  We have laughed and cried together and she is accepting short genuine prayers.
Paradoxically, if we don’t treat things as another ego achievement, in kissing the leper, our own inner leprosy is being healed as well.  Francis said that “the greatest gift God can bestow on us is the grace to overcome self.”
I fell in love with Francis and Clare many years ago, but lived experiences keep me in love with them and their way of following Jesus holds up and is a sure, good thing.  How wonderful, too, it is having Franciscan brothers and sisters!
Michele Brodoski, OFS

junipero sera

Dear Brother Junipero,
You journeyed for God
A man of decision.
Inspire us on our way,
That we may have vision
and offer our best to our own mission.
Happy Canonization 2015
Submitted by Patricia, OFS

Upcoming Event:  October 3rd

Annual Day of Recollection at Sr. Mary Pat’s (Suncrest Retreat Center) 1950 Suncrest Rd., Talent.  Phone:  541-535-6981.  It starts at 10:00 am.  Some of us will be attending the 8:30 am Mass at Sacred Heart in Medford, which is followed by a healing service and then head on to Sr. Mary Pat’s. There will be potluck sign ups at our September gathering and as usual Sr. will provide brunch for all of us.

Ongoing Formation
We have finally completed the wonderful Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis and will be starting a new book This Living Mirror:  Reflections on Clare of Assisi at our October gathering.  Everyone will receive their books on our Day of Recollection.  We are really looking forward to this as we sometimes neglect Clare on our journeys.

francis and clare 4

Dear Sister Clare,
One so bright
Be our light
So we shan’t stray
on this, our Franciscan way.
Feast August 11
submitted by Patricia, OFS 


Dear Brother Francis
You know our hearts!
Help us to impart
Love and joy
your example to employ.
Happy Feast October 4

Dear Brother Maximillian,
In your time you served our Immaculate Mother,
answering her call.
Please help us all.
Pray for us to seek to confront atrocities now,
and for Our Lady’s grace to show us how.
Feast August 14

Poems submitted by Patricia, OFS
See also her roses that won first prize at the Josephine County Fair this year!

Patricia's Roses

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Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi

Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi

Franciscan Calendar, USA


1    Blessed Beatrice of Silva, virgin of II Order
2    Blessed John Francis Burte, Severin Girault  and companions, martyrs, I and III Orders
4    Saint Rose of Viterbo, virgin of III Order
17  Stigmata of Our Holy Father Francis
18  Saint Joseph of Cupertino, priest of I Order
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23  Finding of Body of Saint Clare
26  Saint Elzear of Sabran and Blessed Delphine, husband and wife, III Order


4    Our Holy Father, Francis, deacon, founder of Three Franciscan Orders
6    Saint Mary Frances of the Five Wounds, virgin of III Order
10  Saint Daniel, priest, and companions, martyrs of I Order
12  Saint Seraphin of Montegranaro, religious of I Order
20  Blessed James of Strepar, bishop of I Order
20  Blessed Contardo Ferrini, member of III Order
21  Blessed Josephine Leroux, virgin and martyr of II Order
22  Saint Peter of Alcantara, priest of I Order
23  Saint John of Capistrano, priest of I Order
26  Blessed Bonaventure of Potenza, priest of I Order
30  Anniversary of Dedication in Consecrated Franciscan Churches


4    Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop of III Order
7    Saint Didacus of Alcala, religious of I Order
13  Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, virgin of III Order
14  Saint Nicholas Tavelic, priest, and companions, martyrs of I Order
17  Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, widow, member and patron of III Order
18  Blessed Salome, virgin of II Order
19  Saint Agnes of Assisi, virgin of II Order
24  Commemoration of all the Deceased of the Franciscan Orders
26  Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, priest of I Order
27  Saint Francis Anthony Fasani, priest of I Order
28  Saint James of the March, priest of I Order
29  All Saints of the Franciscan Orders