Christmas 2015


Merry Christmas to All from St. Francis of the Rogue Valley Fraternity!

Brothers and Sisters,

Our General Minister Tibor Kauser OFS in his address in Clinton, New Jersey this year named a few of the attributes/characteristics of the Franciscan.  I would like to share three of them:

1.  seeking the minimum in instruments and maximum of compassion and solidarity
2.  courageous meekness
3.  tender determination

Doesn’t this all sound so familiar?  Aren’t these all how our Lord came to us in the Incarnation? Of course this is why we desire these same attributes for ourselves in imitation of our Lord Jesus.  Our hearts melt and our souls rejoice in this merciful, vulnerable, tender love we have been given.  But our prayer for all of us is that we do not just emulate, but in solidarity, courageous meekness and tender determination become evermore Who we love.  And from this may we learn how to truly love one another.

Merry Christmas to All!

Peace and Every Good,

Michele Brodoski OFS
and all of us at St. Francis of the Rogue Valley Fraternity